December 11


Red things burst open and explode the greenery.
One cannot but be thrilled by it all.

December 10


In the meanwhile, take it easy and just be predictably droll,
and also slightly impersonal, because you can never really get to know me
nor have I ever been able to really get to know myself,
what with all the chopping and changing that’s gone on.

December 9


Oh yes, the inflated ego sails across the sky, there have been briefer glories,
but what makes it all worthwhile
is the smile on the faces of all the little children at the petting zoo.

December 8


In principle I see them as elegant, neat, sometimes even beautiful, then they
stand on my carpet in their true colours, and it all makes computable sense, bizarrely.

December 7


and sheer audacity –
ditching the dusty whiff of the library
in favour of the silver accident

December 6


Suddenly age has been replaced by sizzling youth, my breasts have found new life, and the days
no longer fly by but stroll like wading birds on the beach at dawn.

December 5


I shall carry myself upstairs, not forgetting to forget to overlook any inconsistencies
that might occur. Then I touch the puppy.

December 4


A couple of carpenters have arrived in the hope of finding work, having left behind their home country in a spirit of adventure and chance. We could look at them for a while in a spirit of camaraderie, perhaps. What, in the end, is the difference between us?

December 3


I turn my palms outward, disappear behind clouds of marvellous glee.
Look at my pants:
they are shaggy and yellow.

December 2


Two hundred years ago, the language of vulgar ridicule
was much more popular than it is now. I aspire to do with words
what I cannot do with my violin cello bassoon oboe piano etc.
[delete as applicable]