One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

November 23


I wanted to go to music school
but they said I could go whistle.

November 22



1. Shoes – (lady shoes)
2. The electricity of dreams
3. Holiday
4. What people are
5. Dietary considerations
6. André Breton
7. Gas
8. Control issues
9. The electricity of electricity
10. Bach

November 21


The Drones of André Breton:
“as carrier pigeons photograph the enemy camp without wanting to”

November 20


Tonight, when they turn off the Sun,
it will be as if we were never here.

November 19


For most of my adult life I have wanted to know The Work.

November 18


and now when he has lost all of timeything,
he is starting time to face regret for beingness ungrateful –

November 17


It is Winter in the discotheque;
It is Spring on the steppes.
Somewhere it will be Summer and Autumn combined in one dazzling moment.

November 16


People never believe me
when I tell them I went to school with
a boy called Norman Architecture.

November 15


In harbour school it’s wonderful
to watch the oyster students adopt
pearls of wisdom.

November 14


If your first instinct is always to open the cage and free the songbird –