One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

September 24


If you would not be starved by cruel masters.
At times I am so pent up with anger.
Be obedient. Do not drink.

September 23


Dear friend. Fanny and Clarissa embrace.
England is looking good. Chatter in floral hats and applause all around.

September 22


Buried somewhere near here in the sand are the bones of soldiers
Never mind how once they were esteemed – You don’t want to envy them that esteem

September 21



On the shelf in Edith’s room is an array of glass phials filled with tears she has shed while watching television.

September 20



Mother boasted a marvellous set of Wild West spittoons. They were all full.

September 19


There are lots of trains and boats and planes here and the occasional ambulance –
but I don’t think they can all be for me, can they?

September 18


The boss calls simply to wake you up
Check all messages
The case remains open for the time being

September 17


Stupidity has its own measure
There’s quite a good deal to be not interested about

September 16


Hair was collecting dust as we spoke
The desert of vibrant lungs and wildlife
So to move on – and describe the body: the moisture between

September 15


The direct line supposed to embrace travel and arrival
The side of the view slipping into the untouchable distance