August 17


If planning to approach come at it from the rear –
not only is the aspect more aesthetically appealing
to the discerning business traveller
but the ultimate satisfaction stats will be newsworthy.

August 16


“The Horse Pack” is a bunch of sentences that, once strung together, could quite easily
change the way we approach the meadow.

August 15


There was the Car Boot Boys
And the Coastal Regions
Oh, and the US-Girl, bopping

August 14


The mere names of paintings often gladden me for a whole day – those names which bring before the mind a bit of seashore, a riverside, a glimpse of moorland or of woods.
                   — George Gissing, The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft

August 13


These draughts and parts
Which different sizes
Existence demands and survives

August 12


Should be so unreserved, and should
Exquisitely agreeable. They (and especially
For similar reasons, and considering

August 11


from The Rhenish Stud Book:
      Lothar III
      Albion d’Hor
      Indien de Biévène

August 10


Just then, a letter came through the letterbox. Detective Rabbitboo said: “Will you get that, Teddy Lovely, because I am doing something very important.”
“No, I can’t get it either, “ said Detective Teddy Lovely. “I’m doing something very important too.”
“What is your important thing?”
“Eating Jaffa Cakes, of course. Go on, get the letter. Don’t be so lazy.”
“I’m not being lazy. I’m eating Jaffa Cakes too.”
“Oh well, that is important. Let’s both finish them first.”

               from Snibby’s Snibtastic Christmas by Rosalind & Miranda Taylor

August 9


Our time on earth is neither correct nor incorrect
So crack open the bottle and be as bright as you can

August 8


Ascend mountain ascend mountain
Demon who invented music and dance
Holy sacred – Continue holy sacred