August 19


Omeprazole 20mg –
take one capsule EACH DAY in capital letters
(a pink and white box)

August 18


Sat upon the cornet of the broom
Mispronounced my own name – wanted to be playful but was unable

August 17


Naproxen 250mg
one 3 times a day
– take up gymnastics

August 16


The poor light in which one lives –
A letter oddly penned; a ducking stool, maybe.

August 15


Limits of range and colour – come back
with very little money – or, for that matter, credit

August 14


Juice served – sad and cheerless
Cold food – the interthing so needs overhauling

August 13


Tapestry of fibres
Leaving kernel
Our love bites sweet
Herb, a healer

August 12


A few words for today: SUMPTUOUS

August 11


I am in receipt of the new wig –
Alice thinks I’m off my head –

August 10


Don’t blame me –
The squirrels have been quarrelling
And keeping us away from
The pantry