May 20


Men erecting scaffolding
It’s man’s work
I wonder what it’s like to be a man

May 19


It wasn’t poetry (if I had any sense)
It was spoken word (I would be elsewhere)
There’s a difference (with my brumal thoughts)

May 18


So much has been predicted
I doubt it will all come to pass

May 17


as for the Palace
if he is going to stay
why would he not?
I can see no reason
he’s got that feeling

May 16


perhaps the overriding sensibility
not surprisingly
a rebuilding job might be required

May 15


A mood (passing
like a blackbird in the night?)

May 14


My trial period as a comfort counsellor did not last long
I suspect my highly-developed cynicism had something to do with it
That, and the fact I don’t much care about other people’s problems

May 13


There are parts of a person one can admire
and other parts you don’t like at all.

May 12


As an acquaintance of mine said to me only the other day when describing a mutual person who is sometimes described as a poet, he/she may be 29 years old or thereabouts but he/she has the sensibility of a 16 year old, and thus is her success and popularity with the youth explained.

May 11


A message came from The Tower
Outside the town
It was a song from the bottom of their hearts