July 24


Well, any hope we had back then
evaporated like milk. Oh wait —
that’s not a real thing, is it?

July 23


& so begins a new period
of making things up
in a new way

July 22


The spaces in-between
Appear to have been filled
By wastes of

July 21


The answers were up my sleeve
I seem to have been disarmed

July 20


Collapsible soft packaging
Environmentally neutral accidents
Sedentary storage capacity
Mortgage protective clothing

July 19


It would appear that you are moving out
But it’s taking a long time for you to complete the move:
Is it reluctance or ennui? They are related.

July 18


When the city lights went out
We were not there to see: Alice had requested our presence
At the Lifetime Achievement Awards Ceremony

July 17


It does not feel at all like floating
I’d describe it more as a sinking feeling

July 16


From the sea to the summer sun –
damsels whistling and all that jazz

July 15


I have been waiting
beyond the sky – you’d be surprised who I saw there