One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

April 20


Having slept a lot recently
My skin had become shiny
Almost lustrous
If that’s a word

April 19


You have recalled a message.
I didn’t send a message.
You have recalled it anyway.

April 18


Perhaps “Zebras Cross the Road”
Perhaps “Owls Dance”
Perhaps “Kites Attack People”

April 17


It was not how her bulk spilled out of the container
So much as how her bulk was more than the eye could hold

April 16


Perhaps “Tuesday”
Perhaps “Spree”
Perhaps “Relaxation”
Perhaps “Finally”

April 15


Perhaps “Animals”
Perhaps “The Sea Poem”
Perhaps “From the Foreign”
Perhaps “The Sun”

April 14


Instill 3 drops four times a day to the right ear only
Keep left ear free for easy listening

April 13


Only a man of remote and secluded mind
would live in this secluded and remote place

April 12


Moon shining, trees bathed in something like smoke

April 11


It’s about not really understanding the divine
It’s how you say you don’t need to understand the divine but how
it’s good to believe it’s there