September 22


The song is uninhabited
Although “unmanned” is another way of singing it

September 21


Oh! my intestines have been breaking!
Although that’s just how it translates “literally”

September 20


Watch me making a flan:

(or is it a cake?)

September 19


Watching a pair of rooks on the roof opposite
As clouds build, blowing in from the West β€”
All this missing not to write about

September 18


Mid-afternoon β€”
And I decide to have a cake and eat it

September 17


Autumn lassitude β€” golden leaves falling

September 16


My little chicken legs
Your average-size rotor blades

September 15


I ried, I really ried
Honest I di

September 14


What a private language brings to the table is a sense of impregnability.

September 13


Light clouds chase one another across the sky
It’s alright to be alone with your thoughts