One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

April 23


A fragile, or frail, attractiveness can become,
for the sake of argument,
the ghost of, for want of a better word, optimism

April 22


One begins, always, in a negative frame of mind and then, out of habit, tries to turn it around

April 21


It’s not gambling if you know you’re going to win
It’s not brave to pick a fight you know you’re going to win
then boast of your strength

April 20


Five is an uncomfortable number
Although not as discomfiting as five and a half
Living in this broom cupboard has affected my sense of quantity

April 19


Yes, I am touched,
but the tangible remains
one of the few things one can rely upon

April 18


Today I am made of air and likely to escape from the confines of this envelope
as soon as you look at me. My attractions come and go.

April 17


Mama, when can I have a banana? I dream of cream and sugar
and your honey-lipped kisses.

April 16


I am hungry, and hunger will stir from sleep even the most
determined of dreamers. A new day (story) arrives. It’s 7.00 a.m.

April 15


By lunch, by which time famishment engulfed me, I yearned for a bite of bread, and proceeded
to table. Limishka, as is her way, had baked. Then I napped: there was no life in me ……

April 14


Though I am mainly a stay-at-home, in my mind
I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts