July 16


People were scratching their head (or heads) – Was it lice?
Perhaps a state of communal confusion. Why oh why?

July 15


To be ensorcelled is to be fascinated
– How you can go through a life and never hear the word until now

July 14


When first I stepped foot on the ocean
It was as if I had taken to the air
To wind up lost in the world of cloud

July 13


Days when you feel you know nothing
When all the genius is packed and departed
When everything achieved has been luck
And all that’s going on around you means nothing
But perhaps this feeling is the feeling that matters

July 12


Fell into the mirror. Fell into the mere.

July 11


Organza that turned out to be a fabric and not a colour
Though it sounds like a colour

July 10


“Single-sex clusters of Bostonians made their boisterous way through the streets, hoping to collide with their opposite numbers.” What is wrong with this sentence?

July 9


Wandering the mountains with the fear of what old age holds.

July 8


…. the poem that wants nothing to do with this world –
only with the other

July 7


“Her red lips and imagined kisses
and pearls upon her sleeves.”