June 6


Then my cellphone rings like it does for a loser
And I’m not some dull dullard about to set a fire . . .

June 5


Having failed the audition we are, bluntly, all
Far out to sea. Some months produce absolutely
Nothing, and even draping one of the ladies
In a kind of silk only brings on an attack,
As if from the air, and it costs us, big time.

June 4


In total decline, a phony public appearance
Was a sign of looking for support. Dogs barked. Dogs barked again.

June 3


(for Eric Eric)

Clean used ones, of course. Also a dresser scarf, woven with a pattern of pansies looking alternately to right and to left; a pillowcase full of carpet scraps; underdrawers of cambric with an edging of tatting; black – shedding jet and bugles – crêpe, as stuffed with dust and as damp, or as dry, as the wrinkled hand of someone too old to die who dies because to wake up this morning just slipped her mind . . .

             – James Schuyler, from “Used Handkerchiefs 5¢”

June 2


I’m like unto the manager of a garden centre whose only purpose in life
Is to keep the customer, if not wholly satisfied, at least well-stocked
With bedding plants that are guaranteed to supply a feast of colour
Throughout the Spring and well into early Summer . . .

June 1


When Pyrrhus of Epirus threatened Gaius Fabricius by
Drawing aside a curtain to reveal an elephant, the Roman replied
With “Yesterday, your gold did not sway me; today, this beast of yours
Does not sway me, either.” (Plutarch, Life of Pyrrhus)

May 31


As Planned

After the first glass of vodka
you can accept just about anything
of life even your own mysteriousness
you think it is nice that a box
of matches is purple and brown and is called
La Petite and comes from Sweden
for they are words that you know and that
is all you know words not their feelings
or what they mean and you write because
you know them not because you understand them
because you don’t you are stupid and lazy
and will never be great but you do
what you know because what else is there?

             – Frank O’Hara

May 30


#oo [0o-pbyf7]k]] bibomlvd6r-
gg0j]b –
Xiao Mei
Just walked over the keyboard.

May 29


I was cooking gammon
And then all of a sudden
I wasn’t cooking gammon.
That was the brief highlight of my day. Thank you for asking.

May 28


Sir, forgive me for being contemporary –
I will go back and be out of step, like in the good old days.