One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

June 29


– the forms we had to fill in, the same forms year after year,
filled with the same information that, year after year, was completely ignored

June 28


The past was a simpler time than the present.
We understood what was being said, more or less.

June 27


If we think of a sentence as what people actually utter
in the course of communication, it becomes either a constative
or a directive or an expressive or an utterance or, just as likely,
a lie.

June 26


There is a branch of grammar that studies the internal
structure of words and the rules by which words are formed.
A branch suggest a tree.

June 25


Conceptual meaning could be denotative or connotative
or it could be neither. It might be associative or affective. Now
is the moment to decide.

June 24


Imagine the minor irony involved in beginning a series of small poems entitled
“Ambition Poems” and then finding you don’t have the desire to finish them.

June 23


All the towels are hanging out
in the rain. They feel at home.

June 22


Mrs. Baxter demands close attention to reality at every moment as she reveals herself in the mystery of each new situation. Sometimes she’ll get a last-minute appointment at the clinic if there’s been a cancellation.

June 21


A shopping trolley gives glory to Mrs. Baxter by being a shopping trolley.

June 20


Some men seem to think Mrs. Baxter is a creation
intended to exorcise feelings of guilt.