from Flirts in Skirts

Scene: The closet in a man’s closet.

Bud: That’s a very fine evening gown.
Jed: Yes, it’s dress up day at work.
Bud: You are beguiling, but in an unsettling way.
Jed: This is nothing. You should see what I’m wearing underneath.
Bud: I shudder to imagine. Also, I have a question. You can perhaps guess what it is.
Jed: As ever, guesswork is outside my skill set.
Bud: I was wondering what Betty would make of it.
Jed: This is Betty’s gown. But they are Coco’s under-things. They are such sexually mischievous girls. This was their idea.
Bud: Sexually mischievous girls with ideas are the invention of Satan. He invented them at the same time as sleepless nights and the torment of desires that can never be properly sated. And then he threw in free and easy-to-find pornography on the internet just to make the point.
Jed: I didn’t think this was my colour, but Betty says pink loves me.
Bud: You are a man testing the limits of belief.

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