It could be said that Thursday 19th October 1995 was a turning point in his life. At around two o’clock in the afternoon he arrived home from lunch (a broiled fowl, a pigeon pie and two tankards of porter at The Golden Cross) to find four women in his drawing room, having been admitted against all instructions to the contrary by “The Boy”. In almost alphabetical order they were an ex-air hostess, an ex-waitress, an ex-wife, and a potential future girlfriend. When he regained consciousness he was in the Royal Berkshire Hospital and could not remember his name. More significantly, he looked at the young nurse at his bedside, a nurse “with breasts and all the rest,” and saw only a young nurse at his bedside. He felt nothing, absolutely nothing – a feeling he had never felt before.

Tarquin Jones, from A LIFE OF LETHARGY: The Biography of a Lazy Man (Panic Button Books, 2012)

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