“. . . and the arrival of the vanguard of the bridal guests, prevented further discussion.

‘Her Grace, the Duchess of Valmouth; the Honourable Mrs Manborough of Castle Malling’ – ffines’ voice filled the room.

‘You shall hold Baby, Lieutenant, while I – ’ Mrs. Hurstpierpoint flapped expressively her loose-winged sleeves.

‘Sir William West-Wind, Mr Peter Caroon, Mrs Trotter-Stormer, Sir Wroth and Lady Cleobulina Summer-Leyton, Sir Victor Vatt, Master Xavier Tanoski, Lady Lucy Saunter, Miss à Duarté, Miss Roxall, Lady Jane Congress, Lady Constance Cadence-Stewart, Mrs. Q. Comedy, Lady Lauraguay, Lady Lukin de Lukin, Mrs Lumlum, Mr Argrove, Mrs Lositer, General George Obliveon, Lady Parvula de Panzoust.'”

                                    – Ronald Firbank, from Valmouth, Chapter 11

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