Jennings finished the last few yards of the “220” at top speed, and then went to look for Darbishire. He found him at the high jump standards. With gritted teeth and fingernails dug deeply into the palms of his hands, he was vainly trying to jump over the bar, which rested three feet from the ground.
          Darbishire felt that he could clear this height easily, if only he could decide which leg to hurl into the air first. Whichever way he tried, he always arrived at the point of take-off with the wrong foot foremost, and had to turn himself round in mid-air like a ballet dancer.
           “Gosh,” said Jennings, as he watched his friend’s efforts to become airborne. “You’re hopeless! You look like a pelican trying to take off on an ice-rink.”

          – from Jennings Follows A Clue by Anthony Buckeridge

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