June 6


Trust me. I’m a kind of doctor.
Sign everything over to me. I have a safe pair of hands.

June 5


What should have been commemorated
Slipped by
We have a lot of these moments of forgetting

June 4


The Super Super Thing
Jumping up and down and about it
Those were the Days and occasionally the Nights

June 3


While you make a cup of tea
Now’s the time to do an energy check
As expected : Low to Medium

June 2


The Pandora – The Sleeping Solution
“You should refrain from sitting on the edge of the bed”

June 1


We had to go and get drunk
to obliterate for a short time
our self-deception. (Art. Poetry. Play. Sun. Moon. Mountain. Ravine. Sky. Continue list . . . )

May 31



Latin and the Words of Death
Therapy Now & Forever
Bird: History on the Wing, The
Africa 4 Beginners

May 30



Language English, The
Ordinary Needs
Crustacea: The Hardest of Lives
Losing the New World

May 29


Having had enough of water, the King of Comparative Contentment decided to try something a little more exotic.

May 28


We have vacancies.
I’ll send you an application form.
You don’t have to be any good.
Just be cute.