February 11


Be placid if that’s your nature; be friendly if that is your characteristic approach; unbridled aggression is something of which you need not be ashamed but it’s best if you can keep it under wraps.

February 10


Admiration for workmanship and integrity will never varnish completely from the world.
(Or do I mean “vanish?)

February 9


A calming influence may blow in
from the direction of the room
where “the ex” does her aromatherapy.

February 8


When you say “turtleshell “ you probably mean “tortoiseshell”
It’s an easy mistake to make

February 7


When the geese head south for the Winter they do so with a confidence one can only envy.

February 6


The latest figures from the government indicate
that idiocy is on the increase and they should know.

February 5


Men who lay tarmac look up at the sky
roughly once every couple of hours. Statistics prove themselves.

February 4


To have one’s vision obscured by fog is to be
having an ordinary day. Elderly machinery does not
enjoy Winter but is determined to endure.

February 3


Crows have been known glow in the dark although some facts are only true for a period of time so short it’s almost
impossible to measure with existing instrumentation.

February 2


The ice on the top of your head will not always be there. A thawing of relations between
foes is always nice as is the caress of fairy fingers during one’s dreams.