One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

April 10


The divine is two streets away from this quiet place
This quiet place is where everyone is sworn to secrecy although everyone
know the secret anyway

April 9


It’s about how you say you are sitting and waiting for the divine
It’s how you say the divine is waiting within everyone

April 8


“Which is to say that they aren’t, like so much of today’s art, allusions or comments, however oblique, on ideas that are elsewhere: they are themselves what is happening.”
                                                – John Ashbery, somewhere or other about something or other

April 7


Now you’ve had your intimate areas
cleaned out
you can crack on

April 6


Outside it was rain or snow or darkness
or all of them at the same time
and another day with unwanted visitors loomed

April 5


The only hint of danger is the mention of “safety” on the 19th
Or that time he gave a quid to a homeless

April 4


Since Thursday there had been intruders in his right ear.
They were too close for him to hear what they were saying, but not far enough away for their every movement not to cause him discomfort that often approached pain.

April 3


You have checked the rota but you have not much feeling at the moment.
It’s not that you are without feelings but you do not have any worth speaking of at the moment.

April 2


Master host / Wine dusk
Pluck string / Guest place
Moon painting the walls white

April 1


Your one hundred photographs can be
edited down to three words.
You have heard them many times because you have said them many times.