August 7


Stop! Listen to my song
It is of today
And tonight’s bright moon

August 6


Sand flat
Water sound
Image vanish
Tear shower

August 5


Fine sky / Fine cloud
No river
The moon unfolds in waves

August 4


The smaller or mountain draught will be the one which survives

August 3


My Masters degree in Business Management isn’t really relevant
Any fool knows you keep your costs as low as possible
Know your market and sell for as much as you can

August 2


When the curmudgeonly is bruise purple
and ripe for picking
the Poles and other East European tourists are bussed in –

August 1


Out in the English farmer fields under the gravy sky we hoe and tend the curmudgeonly patch
What you need is about “this much” sun and about “this much” rain – and a tail wind

July 31


You can pour anything into an ocean
This is the premise of the poem called “The Ocean”

July 30


I had the centrefold of a magazine stuck on my wall that was a picture of a young lady in green lingerie
and every night she would be the last thing I saw before I fell asleep and dreamed dreams.

July 29


The day I attained adulthood I heard the flapping of wings, and a unicorn alighted upon my left shoulder and whispered in my ear about how I ought to go my own way.