August 9


The live version (as opposed to the dead)
is so out of tune (I have forgotten who Melody is)

August 8


A chap knocked at the door
It wasn’t Frank Zappa (he’s dead)
And I was out shopping – so that was that

August 7


Water fell thoughtless but then
Someone sent me some money by mistake. Thank you.

August 6


Later this month
The months appear
In a free bouquet

August 5


On the ceiling
A moth
Imitating a butterfly

August 4


Days it is impossible to read anything
But one notes how the bugs buzz around the window
And the cat has a lot to say for herself

August 3


Look. Mustard
carpet. Walked
miles. Sub-standard
lines. Described.

August 2


One might have gone to the ends of the earth to be someone other
But after weighing up the options (the cons and pros) one stayed in lovely bed

August 1


You kind of have these feelings
but you know you don’t know what to make of them
so you file them away with the autumn leaves under “Seasonal Partings”
and bung on “Metal Guru”
to remind yourself of a better and happier world.

July 31


The worst-kept secret The best-kept lawn
The dawning realisation of what is too far away