June 8


I was outnumbered but I coped
Then I went home and had a nap
(…. turned down the opportunity to purchase The Collected Letters of Marianne Moore ….)

June 7


Having recently caught up with myself
It’s now necessary to get ahead of myself

June 6


Hold that thought
It’s very light
Almost non-existent

June 5


I had tea yesterday with Eric Eric –
He appears revitalized
It seems he has even bought a new pen

June 4


I enjoyed that quip about Kevin de Bruyne being the footballing equivalent of Raymond Roussel

June 3


The paying of tribute –
Or life in the capital
It’s all the same – and unwanted

June 2


And Limishka laughed so much she spilled the beans
At Betty undone on the exercise mat

June 1


“The country is without music and beauty
But how can I say this?
Even as it falls apart I sense the sweet smell of the maple…..”

May 31


What happened to the wasps?
We have been awaiting their return
Wondering whether the weather has anything to do with it all

May 30


Men mending a roof
Don’t fall off
(I am examining rotas)