December 1


I shan’t be long – I’m just going
to take my hat off. Feeling a bit squiffy
but anyway I just felt like laughing.

November 30


You know how ways of seeing and feeling can be delusional?
Well, I know what I’m doing and I’ve never felt better.

November 29


The butterfly is a powerful beast, given to sudden bursts of tremendous speed, uncompromising
opinions, and arms like wings.

November 28


I used to be indifferent to dance
but then I became different to dance
then everything was OK.

November 27


It might have been run-of-the-mill back in the village
but here in the metropolis nothing is smooth to the touch except my honey babe’s skin,
whose velvet sheen is remarkable.

November 26


People seem to come down for the day,
then they arise,
then they are replaced by other people.

November 25


The least you might hope for is an improving experience.
Wash my socks and hang them out to dry.

November 24


You just do whatever you think is funny
You just do whatever you want

November 23


Put me through the mincer
and fry me with some onions.

November 22


Not a word is wasted.
It all matters.
O gleaming comedy! O slapstick love!