One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

October 14


Ingest Periquita. Suppress all defence mechanisms.
Tolerate nothing. Reach the bottom of a page. Brew coffee.

October 13


Hidden, a Portuguese woman is singing a lament in (we assume) Portuguese.
Sadness and despair. Bemoaning something or other.

October 12


The politician wants to remain in office — as usual from the highest motives.

October 11


Things that sound well
– and mean nothing.

October 10


As Montaigne put it:
We are never ‘at home’: we are always outside ourselves.

October 9


Marvin strolled out to the barn for the daily count of the livestock. He was surprised to find Lola already there playing with the giraffe.

October 8


There are some things to throw out.
There are some things to throw in. Please send me your suggestions. (A whistle blows and off we go!)

October 7


& so we enter The Age of Insolence
in a beret that doesn’t really suit us
& leading by a leash a pleasingly submissive admirer

October 6


I’ll be here in an hour. If you have any sense you will be elsewhere. An orange moon tonight.

October 5


As interfaces go this one is in need of a make-over. The view of the backyard is, however, surprisingly enticing.