October 13


I hear bells. You hear warning signals
from the far side of the mountains where worn out souls have gone to fade.

October 12


Sometimes you have to spit out what you find in your head.

October 11


We can almost touch it
But (here comes another aside) we are not allowed to touch it

October 10


One wants more of the same
Since his summer move and revival
Alongside what has started to flow
It’s turned out well

October 9


You have to go a long way
Although (if you do)
There will be a long way back

October 8


which is why “capital” and “country” are
two separate and different words
which is how language (from one point
of view at least; there are others) works

October 7


I was new on “the street”
Also I was “new in town”
Come to that, I was “brand spanking new” all over
(It was the seasonal fashion)

October 6


Auntie Gladys was slumped comatose in her bath chair
It turned out her batteries were very run down

October 5


One day I told my mother I wanted to go to college and enrol for a gender studies course and she said for me to get up there on that roof and fix those tiles like I told you yesterday.

October 4


All those people to look at
From a distance
Not wishing to get up close
(Life in Parenthesis)