One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

June 19


Those who try to escape from an attachment to their illusory self by treating the good things of Mrs. Baxter as evil are only confirming themselves in a terrible illusion. Have they never tasted her dumplings?

June 18


How are we to know the will of Mrs. Baxter? Well,
notes on the fridge door are one way.

June 17


It is not we who choose to awaken ourselves, but Mrs. Baxter who chooses to awaken us.

June 16


A couple of seconds of sunshine then all the elevators stopped working. It was the 16th of June
and the celebrations we had so meticulously planned began to resemble the photograph of Uncle Eddie
on his debt bed.

June 15


Show me the way to go home I’m tired and I want to be, like, swallowed up by a large mouth that has nothing to say
because when judged by its actions it will be found to be justified in all things

June 14


32 degrees and high humidity leaves you feeling
like there’s no life left in thee
How unsettling but not unusual it is
to feel so used dish-clothy

June 13


The only time my eyes fill with tears
is when I’m chopping an onion for
an onion sandwich — Some things I love
but I am not romantic.

June 12


I would love to love Nature and all her hangers on but
I’ve been ground against stone and hardened beyond redemption.

June 11


Determined to consume us all
When the Kraken wakes up
With the SS Great Britain sinking to the ocean floor

June 10


Let me, said the bug, crawl up your leg –
it’d be new territory for me.