One million elephants couldn't begin to understand

January 11


Goodness, Beethoven
wrote a lot of stuff
didn’t he? (That’s easy for you to say.)

January 10


I think perhaps the elephants have put their heads together
and finally worked it out

January 9


I doubt the
loose change in my
pocket will
be enough to see me

January 8


A feather among stones
Afraid to be alone

January 7


Press the poetry button and you may receive only short and twattle verses (Rabelais says)

January 6


Photograph taken – never recovered
Commentary my word as usual – a metallic irony

January 5


Crowd wine
Cloud the music
Entertaining no weather to speak of –

January 4


Sun – Moon
May arose
Late morning fanfare –

January 3


Inexorably traversing not only the downhill
But also the uphill because there’s no choice

January 2


So many stranded hulks left to perish
As meaningful movement in the early morning becomes more difficult
For they are forged of insubstantial metals