April 15


How low can one go?
The perky attracted the ancients.
An opportunity to keep possession.

April 14


For as short a time as possible
But for as long as necessary

April 13


And from a tiding of magpies
To a watch of nightingales
And an exaltation of larks

April 12


From a siege of herons
To a charm of goldfinches

April 11


With order restored how odd it was that some still wanted to join the fray. However, significant perils did not materialize, and we were able to clean the carpets as planned.

April 10


One eventually grows tired of always being expected to enjoy the expected.
It’s not simply a case of opposites attract. Or repel.

April 9


Wendy from The Wonderful World of Work Employment Agency advised him to take out some of the activities he’d included under “Other Interests” on his CV unless he wanted a visit from the local police.

April 8


The air that’s full of tiny multi-coloured birds bringing with them the Spring,
The air upon which song sings, the air between here and there

April 7


The “live” version of existence often sounds more convincing than the “studio” version, or the episodes published in book form years after the event.

April 6


Things may not be great, but the last thing you want to do is marry your father.