June 29


Panto production is well under way,
What with it being June. Clara has just
This afternoon put the turkey in the oven
And I am on basting duty as of now.

June 28


And the scriptures begin to loom large
And clouds assemble as if for an important announcement
And still I find it difficult to be interested

June 27


And so, as I decline into the furniture
And the elephants assemble in the courtyard
And the water diviners emphasize the divine

June 26


So often I am bewildered, but perhaps I’m too young to understand the complexities of the world: I’m what the village shaman/witch doctor calls a mere chit. I think I heard him right.

June 25


In the latest episode we will see what happened when Lucy enhanced her possessions
The gardens are no longer open to the eyes of just anyone
          No more Special Privileges

June 24


There is an enormous number of morons out there on the estate
Some messages can be safely ignored
In the latest episode we will see what happened when Buzz fell off a log

June 23


One has to choose how best to spend one’s time
Today I had my teeth washed
In the latest episode we will see what happened when Jed visited the ocean depths

June 22


Let down the drawbridge for a moment –
Please, is there a cartoonist available?
The arrows of our discontent, etc.

June 21


Blue sky kite hovering early evening
Today’s demo tracks were endlessly dull
Thumping thumps of the plastic thumbs

June 20


Thank the goodness (where does it come from?)
For cats (and dogs, goldfish, hamsters, etc.)
Invented to keep us company during our lonely
Times, which rather seem to be accumulating.