July 16


One day you have an idea, but the next day
Another idea takes its place, and you forget
The first one. It probably wasn’t very
Important. I wonder what’s on the TV tonight –
And what’s for dinner?

July 15


(Last night the sky mouth spoke to me
but I was asleep and missed it. I hope it wasn’t important.)

July 14


(Last night I dreamed I was eating water
and it was against the current rules.)

July 13


Enter: Billy Tease
Enter: Samantha Continental
Enter: Charlie Brazil

July 12


Enter: the Violins
Enter: the Evening Gowns
Enter: the Romantics

July 11


Oh! I have been aching to crack open
A bottle of wine and so I have cracked open
A bottle of wine.
Hush!—Matron is on the warpath again.

July 10


We are asked to approve the banishment of the elderly and the infirm to sheds deep in the darkly woods:
All it takes is to place a tick in the appropriate box.

July 9


Then there is the water supply
It can’t be depended upon, not like in England and the rain:
You have to call in the manufacturers

July 8


I account for my taste for young fruit fresh off the tree
By the presence of a sweet tooth
Also how I was raised under constant Spring rains
Even during the Winter months

July 7


I just found a couple of words
I didn’t know they were there