May 1

This distracted is not what I wish.
Someone is asleep outside on the grass
And I don't know why I'm thinking. One day
Everything will come to nothing and peace.


May 2

When we grew rhubarb in the hills
And harvested peaches in the darkness
The old woman who lived in our basement
Was working on a screenplay trying hard to finish it
Before she died she told me gardening was a blessing
From a God who didn't exist for her any more.


May 3

I grew quiet with worry and loneliness
The mountains behind my bed were silent with wisdom
And clouds rested themselves on their peaks


May 4

With a ruckus that reminded us of monkeys arguing
The twins passed through our lives and left us
Only a trunk full of memories
But Silas seems to have misplaced the key.


May 5

Connie fell asleep
In the middle of my speech
About concentration

An elephant looked in through the window
But saw nothing to keep him there
So took ship back to the jungle


May 6

The nerve specialist we keep in the pantry
Seems to have something to say, so I untie her &
Remove the gag & give her some cursory attention.
What's this nonsense about trying to see things
From the other person's point of view? She's back
In the pantry now, & I'm going out to get something to eat.


May 7

He was what they call down the tavern "a careerist"
Always when he opened his mouth and pronounced you knew they were right:
Only one night when he lost his self-control and got really pissed
He became disarmingly honest and people began to see him in a different light.


May 8

The princess who works in the grocery store
Climbed on my back to be a burden I thoroughly

Deserve when the mail eventually arrives it'll contain nothing
But a scattering of advice I already got from somewhere

Else the inside of my skull has a strange mould growing on
It but the princess doesn't care about my personal issues


May 9

How come the hole I've been digging for myself
Is suddenly full of things I've been trying to forget?


May 10

Every time I'm drowning I remember how to swim
But the time will come
When I'm drowning
And I'll remember how I never learned to swim


May 11






May 12

Just as the songbirds began to sing
Each harmonizing with each
She floated into the vacuum I'd created around me
Silently at first but then speaking
Intimately tracing ideas I'd almost abandoned
Causing calm and turmoil in equal measure
And the songbirds have added thinking to their singing


May 13


One active download
(Modernism in a nutshell)
The Love Song of somebody or other
Conditioned air
(Or a letter)
Some time remaining
Tomorrow I will be sick
(A few don'ts would be good)
Oh! my graceful and evocative prose


May 14

Don't be unhappy! Everything Has a purpose.
The bug on its back on the balcony
Has a purpose. The bug on its back on the balcony --
It reminds me of someone.