August 21


Today is August 21st, 2006. I've been back in England for three weeks visiting family and friends, and tomorrow I'm going back to China for another academic year.

I've not touched this E&D site since last September for all the reasons mentioned previously, the most practical of them being that I can't access it from China.

But my son Tim is now blogging using Typepad, and as far as I know I CAN use that in China. So, when I get back I'm going to check things out, and if everything goes okay E&D will resume its activities at the start of 2007.

Of course, anything can happen between then and now, and life in China is great but not wholly predictable, but as of today that's where I am and where this is. If you have any enquiries, feel free to email me.



August 25

I'm a little bit worried about that definite sounding "will", but I'll put my worries to one side and carry on.

I got back to China yesterday (or was it the day before? I've lost track) and somewhat by accident connected to a site, which has never been possible from here before. So, I checked further. I can now access this site, and my Home Page, and all other things blogspot. Someone somewhere has unblocked something, that's for sure .... which means ....

well, it means that one way or another Exultations & Difficulties will be back in business before long.

It's going to take a little while to get things organised, because I was originally planning if Typepad worked ok to start up in January at a new web address. But if this site stays open to me here then maybe it'll be sooner.

I will, as they say in blogworld, keep you posted.

Mind you, I'm still just a little bit worried ....