Until the Spring of 2008 I ran a website, Exultations & Difficulties, the archives to which are here. If you want to see the site in its original beauty it's here and also here. It was a blog which was something of a magazine, in that I published poems, reviews and other kinds of things by people I like, as well as posting more traditional blog-type things. It was as close to running a magazine as I wanted to get at the time, and it was good, I think. I just stopped wanting to do it. You know, you do something for a few years then feel like having a break. Maybe I'll pick it up again one day. Who knows.....



During 2009 I put pieces of new writing online at One Million Elephants Couldn't Begin To Understand. You can see it all here and now, or view the original site here. The stuff I put on there was always something written on the day, quickly and not always with a great deal of thought, but some days there was more thought than on other days, I guess. For several months I did a piece each day, and writing something every day is kind of cool, and recommended (allegedly) by many writers. I haven't done it for ages, and the revived Elephants on this site will probably (certainly) (inevitably) be a little different. I hate to repeat myself myself.

Some of what's on there turned into finished poems at a later date, or was used in a poem, and some of it just sits there like an abandoned genius waiting at home for visitors who never call.