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Pretty soon we’re going to be loads older.
Thank heavens we thought to bring sandwiches.
But I don’t appreciate ambiguous hand signals or, for that matter,
   unwanted text messages.
This is clear enough, don’t you think?

Beauty is a sure sign of grace.
I’m not ashamed of my good points. Life experience has to count
   for something.
I’m not ashamed of your good points.
Let’s move on. Is anyone listening?

Why the natives don’t want to live here is a mystery.
The weather is set fair, or fair enough for now.
Perhaps a past life is threatening to come around again.
Or am I dreaming?

I’m not crazy about the idea of travelling in pairs.
There’s much to be said for single file.
When I was younger I was more fit for purpose.
Recriminations will follow in due course sure as night upon day.

She looks at her shoes.
I look at her ankles.
We agree they’re very nice shoes.
I remember when I bought them, she says. I was young, carefree,
   and never imagined things would turn out like this.

We’ve been here far too long is the general consensus.
Eternal night is threatening to fall.
That sounds ominous.
But I feel better now I’ve got stuff off my chest.


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