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采 樵 入 深 山,山 深 树 重 叠。
桥 崩 卧 查 拥,路 险 垂 藤 接。
日 落 伴 将 稀,山 风 拂 薜 衣。
长 歌 负 轻 策,平 野 望 烟 归。


Gathering Firewood

Deep in the mountains I gather firewood
among tier upon tier of dense mountain trees. 
Timber bridges lay broken under the weight of vines.

Across every path the vines hang thickly.
Mountain breeze brushes their leaves off my clothes.

Cane in hand and a bundle of firewood on my back
I walk home with the sunset as the light fades
and gaze across the plain to where chimney smoke drifts.

- Mèng Hàorán (689 – 740)


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